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Blademail Shaving Tips

Shaving the right way not only looks better but feels better. You really only need to remember three words
Wet, Warm and Sharp

If you need more detailed instructions, try the following advice for a smooth, rash-free shave:

1. Thoroughly wet the area to be shaved with warm or hot water.

2. Apply and massage oil, gel, foam or shaving soap

3. Use a clean, sharp blade.

4. Shave slowly and carefully, using short strokes, stretching the skin in the area you're working and rinsing the blade frequently in warm or hot water as you go. For the most part, shave in the same direction of the hair's growth - only shave against the hair's growth at the end if it's necessary to get a smooth result.

5. Rinse the shaved area with cold water.

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