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Mach3 Power Sensitive Razor

Mach3 Power Sensitive Razor

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Gillette Mach3 Power Sensitive (was M3 Power) builds on the heritage of MACH3 Features and Benefits:

Gillette Mach3 Power Sensitive razor features Micro-Power™, a gentle pulsing action powered by a Duracell AAA battery.
The pulsing action stimulates hair upward and away from the skin, making it dramatically easier to shave more thoroughly in one easy power stroke.
The blades are enhanced by a new coating process, called "thin uniform telomer," which provides a perceptible improvement in shaving comfort throughout the life of the blade.
The blade cartridge features an Indicator® Lubrastrip™ infused with Vitamin E and Aloe for added moisture.
A new handle features strategically-placed gripping surfaces that enable men to shave confidently and safely at any angle. The power button is centrally located on the handle for maximum control, and the Duracell AAA battery is easy to insert and replace.
The razor is shower-safe, allowing a man to shave wherever he prefers. All Mach3 blades fit all Mach3 razors.

Price: 8.58

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