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Philishave at the Blademail Shave Shop

Philips sold its first electric shaver in 1939... and its 300-millionth Philishave in 1995. Philishave products are known for their ease-of-use, precise control and innovative features, giving you a closer, neater shave.

Blademail sells replacement heads for most models and the Nivea sachets used in Coolskin models.

If you know your Philishave model number, usually in this format, HQ7830, we recommend using the Quick Search:

1. select the search box at the top right of this page

2. key in your Philishave model number

3. click on the "search" button to display the search result

4. click on the shaver head product to go straight to the right page

To browse the complete range of Philishave heads or sachets, choose a department from the list below: